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Interfacing a Sena SR10 to a Kenwood TM-D710A

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Updated April, 2015

Welcome to my web page -- a casual collection of ham radio information that I find useful. There's a chance that some of this information may be useful to you so I've posted it here.

I was licensed in July 2001 (technician) and received my upgrade to a general license in March 2002 and upgraded to Amateur Extra in April 2002. I'm in Oakton, Virginia in grid square FM18iv at latitude 38 degrees 53 minutes North, longitude 77 degrees 19 minutes West.

My principal station consists of a Yaesu FT-847 with a dual-band 2m/440 diamond antenna (17 foot whip) up 20 feet which consists of three stacked 5/8ths wave antennas at 2-meters and 8 stacked 5/8ths wave antennas on 440. This antenna is supposed to give over 8 db of gain on 2-meters, and over 11 db of gain on 440. I also have a GAP Challenger multiband vertical in the back yard (click here for PDF manual for the antenna). For mobile and portable operations, I operate a Kenwood TM-D700A mobile and a Yaesu VX-5R portable. I have a Yaesu FT-817 that I've been playing with when out of town as well.

Other radios include the Yaesu FT-90R miniature mobile radio, an Icom 706 Mk IIG, and a Kenwood TH-D7A. I'm currently keeping an eye on the Icom 756 Pro II and 746 Pro with some hopes of bringing one home sometime in the future.

What follows are a number of links to ham-related Internet features which I've found interesting and tidbits of other information that I've collected. If any of this is interesting to you I'd like to hear from you. My email address is at the bottom of this page.

Identifying Text Messages Without Taking Out Your Phone

Use Morse Code ringtones to identify who's texting you: Morse Ringtones

Moving in a second hand E-Z-Way tower, 24 August 2002

I was able to acquire a second hand tower. Here are my Photos of the move.

As of April 2003, I still don't have the tower installed. I'm calling it my horizontally polarized tower. I have long to-do list of things I need to get done before I get it installed. First, I need a group of strong people to help me move it into a position where I can paint it. Then I want to replace the cabling used to crank the tower up and to fold it over, and I'm thinking about rebuilding the rotor. Next I need to dig a hole for the tower base (5' deep, about 14" across) and then place the tower in the hole, hold it vertical, and fill and pack the hole. Next, I need a good system for getting the feed and control lines from the house to the base of the tower. I'm currently thinking of using 4 or 6 inch pipe to make running multiple cables easy. Lastly, I need to work out the grounding and lightning arresting system for the tower itself and the feedlines and control lines. Other than that, I'm all ready to put it up.

RadioMobile Software by VE2VBE

Radio Mobile web site Thanks to VE2DBE amateur radio operators have a wonderful tool in the form of the RadioMobile software package. This package calculates radio propagation, taking into account local terrain. Using free topographic data available for the entire United States, this program will produce a map of signal strengths. It will even let you overlay MapQuest maps on top of the signal coverage map. It's a wonderful tool and completely free. (5/4/2002)

Washington DC Area Clubs and Associations

Vienna Wireless Society An organization dedicated to the enjoyment of Amateur Radio. The Vienna Wireless Society is based in Vienna, Virginia. VWS also maintains a mailing lists for members at:

NVFMA The Northern Virginia FM Association, Providing Superior FM Repeater service to Amateur Radio operators in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area since 1971.

Club Affiliations

I am a member of the Vienna Wireless Society. I am a past Treasurer and Director, having served 10 years in each position.

Misc Tidbits, trivia, etc

Assorted tidbits and trivia are here.

Here's a clever morse code chart from A. G. Reinhold. callsign lookup:  

Additions, Deletions, Comments, Constructive Criticism welcome:

Display a breadcrumb trail of locations:

Positions overlaid on a radar weather image:*&radar=lwx&zoom=1

Stations near KG4OJT-9:

Current weather conditions near KG4OJT-9:


Similar to, but has radar map for wide area:***

Radar weather image with kg4ojt-9 marked as "Pete".!Pete:0:255:100&geo=rad_lwx.geo&start=100

aprsworld has a lot of fun APRS maps, etc:

aprsworld tracks

Roatan Guide

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